One Million Spirometry Blows!

    Today we reached a wonderful milestone in our mission to empower patient-centred healthcare through digital innovation -  the 1 millionth spirometry manoeuvre recorded using the patientMpower platform. 

    Thank you so much to all our users; the patients, the healthcare professionals, the clinical trialists and disease registries that have each contributed to the achievement of this milestone. 

    The use of home spirometry has gone on something of a journey over the last few years, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic when clinic based spirometry became essentially impossible. The evidence generated by clinicians and researchers using our platform since the first ever patientMpower recorded blow, in March 2017, has contributed in part to wider adoption of home spirometry and a better understanding of the utility of remote monitoring in clinical care and research.  

    Let’s celebrate what we have accomplished together! 

    CARE ACCESS: One million blows recorded from the comfort of patients’ own homes (or even holiday destinations - see map below!) without the time, costs and burden associated with clinic attendance.

    Figure: Spirometry without barriers - users have recorded spirometry blows from their homes and destinations all over the world!

    CAPACITY and EFFICIENCY: One million home-recorded blows that released capacity in lung function labs, freeing up time for new diagnoses or enabling prioritisation of complications. 

    EARLY IDENTIFICATION of COMPLICATIONS: Of those one million blows there have been  a total of ~11,000 alerts triggered across the centres we work with, for patients with a wide range of respiratory indications. Each one represents an opportunity for rapid triage and early management of a potential complication or disease progression.  

    DISEASE UNDERSTANDING: Through our work with trialists and registries, a proportion of these blows are directly contributing to improving understanding of respiratory conditions like interstitial lung disease. 

    The future

    One million blows is only the start of the journey! Research is ongoing to provide evidence of the impact of home monitoring in terms of health outcomes and health economics in conditions including ILD and lung transplant. Planned innovations, like integrated video-calling, will open up opportunities for wider use of home spirometry in care delivery and research. And in the future we hope that this substantial database will help power new ways to better manage chronic lung diseases.